Where all the muthafu^&@^ sailors at?

Last night I made homemade potato skins for dinner. Which aren't so much skins as those little tiny bite-sized potatoes. Boil them until they are fork tender, then toss them in a baking pan with various toppings. We went with this really awesome local cheese that I've grown attached to (people are always saying we are like two peas in a pod, finishing each others sentences....)(too much?), a variety of chopped veggies, some creme fraiche (to turn the melted cheese into a really thick gooey sauce), sea salt, ground pepper, and paprika. Broil it all until everything has a nice golden brown hue to it. Then we ate it hot out of the oven with a big dollop of spicy salsa.


Then I drank a six pack of Red Stripe and proceeded to annoy B all night with sea shanties that may or may not be historically accurate while he was attempting to watch a rugby game. He, wisely, stuck to the iced tea.

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