The Old Timey Days.

"I am awed by the fact that in our collective history, in the old timey days, our ancestors had to walk three miles in the snow to the nearest phone box in order to ask the operator to connect them to catalogue sales in order to place an order."

"Umm, I guess so."

"It is true what they say, everything old is new again. Time is a loop. Or, and bear with me here because I'm about to lay some heavy on the moment, is it that we are repeating our doomed history?"


"I know. It's shocking. But we have to view the past through lenses, am I right? Is it good that I'm following in their footsteps, or will it bring about a world war? Can we ever really know? What if I've just set something into motion that I will regret later on?"

"Are you okay, ma'am?"

"I'm not going to lie, I am on a lot of painkillers and I just watched a bunch of episodes of The Walking Dead. *long pause* These boots are going to be workhorses through the zombie apocalypse, right?"

"I have your order confirmation number now. Thanks for shopping with Sears."