Picture this. Really early morning, dawn was just breaking, and we are driving toward an eerie fog.

"B, the only acceptable reason for you to kill me is Reavers."


"If we ever come across weird looking fog again, you should turn around and drive away."

"...what the fuck are you talking about?"

"Like in that movie, The Fog? Where the giant ass bugs are in the fog and he kills the people to "save" them? Then it turns out that they would have been fine? Fuck that. I won't be a statistic, asshole. The only acceptable reason for you to kill me is if Reavers have got me, and even then you will need two independent sources to confirm. Just in case."

"I will do my due diligence."

"As long as we are clear. Reavers, yes. Everything else, no."

"I can't fucking believe we are having this conversation."

"Just wait until I update my will."

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