No Pants 2011. Day Four.

"All this speaker is doing is talking about hopes and dreams. He actually brought in a rainbow metaphor."

"At the end of the session, does everyone in the audience chip in and you guys go buy him a pony that his parents never gave him when he was a child?"

"I need to find a way to market you because I'm pretty sure you'd make a killing on speaking fees."

"It wouldn't last. Eventually Hollywood would get all litigious when it it was uncovered that most of my lectures revolved around something Senor Chang said on Community."

"I'd pay to see Chang give a keynote address at a conference. And at least I'm not paying attention to what this guy is saying anymore since I'm watching various Chang clips on YouTube."

"You should probably spread those around before everyone in the audience gets on the same menstrual cycle."

"I always make the mistake of emailing you one last time....."

"Everyone does."

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