The hunt for a new vehicle.

"So....I know I'm supposed to be looking for vehicles with more space but, and hear me out here, what about a Mini?"

"A Mini Cooper."


"A vehicle that will reduce our space to the point where we will have to get a trailer to cart your telescope out to sites?"

"It's a MINI, damnit."

"Are you hungry?"

"What the hell? I suppose so. What does that have to do with looking at cars?"

"You know how when we're hungry and we're driving somewhere and see billboards or signs and every new sign changes what you want for dinner?"


"It is exactly like that. But with cars."

"It is NOTHING like that, because I don't eat cars. You're just hoping I wander off and do something else and forget about looking at Smart car......oh."

"*smug silence*"

"I don't know if I should be insulted that you are insinuating that I'm flighty, or chagrined because you are likely right."

"Sorry, what was that?"


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