Dark side.

"It'd funny if the first words of the first astronaut on Mars were about forgetting a toothbrush."

"That's what you'd go with for your first iconic words? Really? I'd go with something like...I'm not wearing any pants for a year and a half! or WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH ALL THE DINOSAURS?? AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!"

"This is why you'll never be an astronaut."

"No...the real reason I'm not an astronaut is that no space agency could afford the cleaning supplies."


"I suspect space-approved glass cleaner is about a million and a half per bottle. And I'd need a NASA approved squeegee."

"Because you'd moon the moon?"

"Because I'd moon the moon."




  1. It seems like a really complicated mathematical equation.

    It also, and I'm paraphrasing the twenty minutes of argument that followed this, "Isn't fucking meta, so learn what it means already, Angel".