"I just looked at the credit card statement online on my lunch break and... Why does it look like you spent $70 on soap?"

"Because I spent $70 on soap."

"On soap. The kind in bars."

"Yes. That kind of soap."


"Technically it was around $90, but I had some money already in my PayPal account."

"On soap."

"Yes. On soap."

"You can see where I might have a problem with this."

"If we're going to have this conversation, I'm about to bring in Exhibit Nerd. In which I point you to the charge JUST BELOW the one in question. I believe, sir, that you are looking at a charge of over $200 on graphic novels and comics."

"$70 seems pretty reasonable."

"I rest my case, your honour. My lathery moisture-locked case."

I feel obliged to note that I buy soap by the handmade batch and it can take years to get through a stash....so don't judge me. I shower.


  1. Well bowled indeed. And viva la graphic novel!

  2. Had he been quicker on his feet, he would have pointed out that a good portion of those were for me. I'm preparing for the inevitable realization. It's usually when I yell DOUBLE JEOPARDY and run into another room.