Lyric Abuse

The date? A few days ago. The place? The stairs. Time? Fucked if I know.

Backstory. The entire day I had been annoying B by reciting lyrics in response to anything he said. He failed to appreciate the significant talent that lies in being able to find the exact lyric that conveys the proper response in less than thirty seconds. It is because he is simple-minded.

Cut to. Heading up the stairs, he phrased a question in my general direction. Amateur.

Alright, so you are caught up. He tosses me a question and I respond with another lyric. "Too many men. Too many people. Too many problems. And not enough love to go around." He turned around slowly and stared me down, while I started up the stairs after him. A few dramatic pauses.....and he yells.


I knew I married this dude for a reason.

* I am aware these aren't the exact lyrics. Get off my back.

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